A Social Experiment

by massiveflux

‘Would you like a little more taken off the sides? An inch on either side perhaps?’, asked the hairdresser.

‘Mmm, I think a little bit off the left side, please.’, I replied.

‘Okay. This is turning out really good. Has anyone told you that you’ve got great hair?’

‘Yeah, a couple of people, I guess. Oh, my left side, not the that of my reflection.’

‘Oh, I am sorry.’

‘Actually, you were right the first time. Have you ever noticed that whenever someone tries to correct you about left and right, you always second guess? Even if you were correct all along? It’s a social experiment I am doing. You are the third person I’ve tried that on today.’

‘Uhm. Okay. Would you like some product on your hair?’

‘No thanks.’

Weird place to experiment. Right? Right?

*(Readers, you would be glad to know that I tipped her more than the usual 15% for her participation in my path-breaking experiment)

**(When in doubt, always go left. Especially when it comes to politics)