You are beautiful.

Hello there,

So right now you’re probably wondering who the hell I am and what is the purpose of my writing to you. Oddly enough, let me admit this at the very outset, I know nothing about you either, save for your name. I have never seen you in person ,and chances are, I never will. Pretty pointless letter this, you might be wondering. But aha, that’s where your presumptions come unfounded, my lady. The sole reason I write to you, is to let you know that you’re the prettiest thing I’ve laid my eyes on.

To quote a line from one of my favorite movies of recent times, ‘The Perks of Being A Wallflower’, You are “the kind of pretty that deserves to make a big deal out of itself”. As you could guess from my choice of movies, I am not a really popular person, and neither am I the kind which opens up to fellow earthlings. So it takes a big deal of courage for me to write to a girl I know absolutely nothing about; and then to tell her that she’s beautiful is on a whole different level. But the point stands. You are gorgeous and you deserve to be doted and adored by all those who are lucky to claim your acquaintance. I am in no doubt, that you are.

If you’re now wondering how, in the name of all that is holy,did this socially awkward creep come to know of your existence, the answer is simple. That one tangible fabric of our social lives, which has weaved its way into everyone’s life some way or the other. That wonder of modern science, the culmination of all the centuries of the evolution of technology and human intelligence. Facebook. Before my effort comes off its hinges, (and you deactivate your Facebook account or worse, block me), let me explain. You see, as socially inept as I am, I do not creep on other people on Facebook. But here I was one day,pretending to work, when I saw your picture with a mutual friend of ours. And ever since then (1 week,8 hours and counting), I’ve been obsessed with how ethereally beautiful you are.It has led to this.

Now, I ask nothing of you. I don’t want you to reply with a curt ‘Get lost, you creep’, or even feel obliged to take the effort to say anything. I just want you to know, you are amazing. I can say that just by looking at you.Imagine, what the people around you must be feeling about you. I might never see you in person, I might never hear your voice, but I would certainly breathe easier getting this off my chest. If at some point, while reading through all this drivel, I’ve made you smile or feel special, I can die a happy man. You deserve to know how gorgeous and awesome you are, even if it takes a complete stranger to tell you that. So let me say it again, you are beautiful.